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Sunday School

This site is intended to provide our Sunday School students the tools to learn more about God our Lord and Savior, His Word through the Bible, His Love and Grace for us; and their Syriac Orthodox faith.

Mission Statement:

Provide Christian education through studying the Word of God from His Holy Bible.

Leading the students to come to understand God’s love for them and His plan and purpose for their individual lives and how they can serve God as revealed in Jesus Christ and grow to live a faithful Christian life.

Believe the love of God is experienced through warm and caring relationships within a God-centered home, church and community using timeless teachings for our Lord, Jesus Christ, to model our own lives, and to do our works through love.

Honor the gifts of the Holy Spirit which each of us have been blessed, and explore options for using these gifts to glorify God while modeling a child’s spiritual Christian life.


Develop knowledge about our Lord, Jesus Christ and Syriac Orthodox faith, as we provide opportunities for participation, exploration, and connections in, of, and among Biblical stories, lessons, and experiences within appropriate stages in each child’s development.  Lessons cover the Holy Bible, Holy Eucharist, Holy Sacraments, Prayer, Saints, Hymns and other related topics.

Introduce and instruct to the students our Syriac Orthodox liturgy, beliefs, traditions and Aramaic Biblical language which forms an important and integral part of our Orthodox way of life. 


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